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Khairi Yi


Meerkats are highly social animals, who live closely with each other and collaborate to solve everyday challenges. This could be us too!

Traditional rental platforms separate People & 整租, and make it difficult for us to find the perfect apartment and roommates at the same time.

Meerkey is built to solve your rental problem, once for all! We integrate People into our Apartment page; and vice versa, Apartment on People page. Along with our instant message feature, you never need to sacrifice on or another!

The most honest Our Vision section:

When the next COVID-19 comes and we are in lockdown, it surely as hell helps when you are stuck with the awesome roommates you find on Meerkey :). Jokes aside, our vision is find you awesome roommates in an awesome apartment.  

Promises to All Meerkey-ers:

Human Centric

Collaborative Spirit

We put Meerkey-ers first. Renting should never be limited to viewing cold listings online, alone, and panicking. It is also a chance to connect with people, meet with friends, and start a new chapter. Meerkey designs an all-new “human-centric” renting process to help you find the right apartment and the right people.

We are a small team of individuals, who have traveled to and lived in different parts of the world.

We all know how challenging it is, to find a good apartment with the right people in a new city. However, we are here and we promise it will be a fun experience at Meerkey!

Make Yourself At Home

For Your "Don't Settle Just Live" Lifestyle

Welcome to join our family! We promise to provide heart warming services from the beginning of your pairing/renting process to the end. Don’t hesitate to use our live chat if you have any questions.

All our listings are from reliable sources, and there is no hided fees.

We promise you a trustworthy environment for you never settling spirit, and prepare you for your next chapter.

Our Team

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