Roommate Quarantine Survival Guide

Keep Good Roommate Communication!

Living with roommates can be a bother, especially if you don’t get along. But in a global pandemic, having to quarantine with them creates whole new challenges, and you risk your roommates annoying you and potentially infecting you with coronavirus.



Some lucky individuals have made it back to their home countries, while others have families to return to in Canada. But for those who must survive these times living with roommates, daily life can be far from a luxury. All of a sudden, you now have to deal with surviving the recession while also dealing with your roommate relationship.


For those quarantining with roommates, here are some tips to address three core issues to help manage daily routines and keep the peace under quarantine.

1. Safety and Social Distancing!

Ensuring health and safety measures with roommates is a two way street. Be mindful of your own actions before you start criticizing your roommates.


Are you…


  • Leaving the house with a face mask, and wearing it properly?
  • Social distancing while in contact with others?
  • Not bringing lots of guests over or attending large scale events?
  • Keeping hand sanitizer on you and washing your hands frequently?


These obviously apply to everyone, but in the context of living with roommates, it applies to you first. For serious germaphobes, seek out some Lysol wipes to decontaminate everything with and never look back.


When it comes to how your roommates are practicing safety measures, consider what they’re doing right first, then consider what they’re doing wrong.


Are they…


  • Bringing guests over weekly just to annoy you at 2 AM with EDM music?
  • Bringing the gf/bf over, or even worse, the unexpected Tinder hookup?
  • Lacking even the most basic social distancing skills and never wash their hands?


The list can go on. An irresponsible roommate at this time is not something to stay silent on. Approach him/her and address these issues directly, and if they persist, then don’t be afraid to report his/her actions to your landlord or property manager. Stay safe and follow quarantine rules!

2. Fun Activities!

You’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored.


Unfortunately, it can be easy to fall into an extreme lapse of boredom right now due to quarantine, but rest assured, you can fight off boredom together with your roommates!


Here are a few example activities that are sure to kill boredom…


  • Board Games and Video Games!

These are a great low cost way to knock a few boring hours out of the day with your roommates. Whether it be a round of Monopoly or grinding out a Minecraft survival server, there is bound to be an option to cheer up your day!

  • Courses and Certificates!

This is perfect if your summer internship has been rescinded, or if you’re just looking to brush up on new skills. Take up a new coding language, or perhaps receive that certificate for personal finance essentials.

  • Movie Marathons!

Gather some snacks and dive straight into a movie marathon together! Nostalgic hits are a no-fail zone. The memories Harry Potter brings back or the laughs from a throwback like White Chicks is sure to wipe out boredom in the house.

  • Exercise Together!

Whether it be push-ups in the living room, or engaging in physical activity together such as jogging, bonding over exercise is a great way to stay in shape while keeping mentally active with your roommate.

3. Food for Thought!

Managing food completely depends on your roommate dynamic.


While some roommates buy and share groceries, others are keen on separating food.


With that in mind, here are some quick tips on how to better manage food…


  • Be Direct!
Hiding and hoarding your favourite snacks is not being direct. Explain to your roommates your obsession of Oreo’s, or that you’ll stress eat the Ben and Jerry’s after an exam.
  • Establish Communal Items!
It’s silly not to share little things like ketchup or soy sauce packets. Establish communal items for the household to save space and not have multiples of the same thing.

  • Be Respectful!
It’s not fair to your roommate if you take up all the space in the fridge and shelves. Similarly, leaving out dirty dishes and not cleaning up after cooking isn’t cool either.

  • Cook Together!
The occasional failed casserole or an evening wine-and-dine with your roommate can do wonders for your dynamic, and can save time and expenses for you both.

A Happy Ending!

Roommates are a great way to split the cost of an awesome apartment, while also making an awesome friend. But nobody is perfect and neither will your roommate be. What’s important is how you communicate together, and the boundaries that are set. That way, there will be little fuss and more resolution when quarantine problems arise.


Hopefully these tips can help you and your roommate live less chaotically, and bring you closer together while ensuring health and wellness during these tough times!


What other tips did I miss? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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