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A step-by-step Meerkey Roommates Finder guide

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1. Register an account

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2. Complete Profiles

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3. (not) Fill in the blanks

Leave the work to us!

Simply select a template that best describe you and save time on roommates hunting.

Student Dedicated Filter

Take advantage of this filter by indicated you’re a student in your ‘Background’ section!

Drop down menu will allow to select your University in your chosen city. In ‘Find Roommates’ , ‘Current University’ filter will also pop out once you chose a ‘City’ filter. If you want to have roommates that go to the same school as you, there is no more easy way than this!

Student Profile

4. Join listing Pool

Enable our unique feature to find awesome apartment and awesome roommates together!

Showing your marked listing lets others that like the same listing know you’re looking for roommates too. Why accomodates roommates over dream place when you can have both?

5. Update and done

Where all the roommates finding magic begin. If you’re looking for roommates you’ll always circle back to here.

NEW Features!

6. Jump in!

The water is fine in our Roommates Pool

Like an apartment but don’t know anybody to get the place together?  

Jump in to our roommates pool full of other roommates seekers that like the exact same place!

Roommates Pool

Pick any profile that interested you and voila! you have gather your group to rent out this multi-bedroom apartment. No need to search around for roommates and go through the stress in convincing them why this is the dream place to live.  

Start Browsing Our Listing Pool or Roommates Pool now!

Whether your priority is an awesome apartment or awesome roommates, Meerkey has your interest at heart. This 2ways searching platform will make sure you find the perfect match.

Roommates Pool

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