Why find roommates on Meerkey?

Cut The 'Roommate Wanted' Posting

Tired of posting ‘wanted’ posting online? Trying so hard to make yourself “appealing” to other roommate seekers just to get replied by scammer and flushed away by consistent new posts?

Finding awesome roommates can feel like a gamble game depend on sheer luck. You only get the choice of people *just happen* to see your post or people’s ‘wanted post’ you *just happen* to stumble upon. Image all the perfect matches that slips through your finger in just the matter on minutes because of unorganized system. Away from roommate horror stories. 

We are here with SOLUTION!

2-ways Roommates Seeker Community

Our unique Roommates Pool allows you to let other roommates seekers know that your are looking. Meanwhile, you also get the power to browse through their profiles to see if they can be a match for you.


Whether you are urgently looking for roommate or opening up the position of your next partner in crime, we got you covered!

Awesome Apartment + Awesome Roommates: All-in-one Platform

Direct Messaging: No need to scroll for contact info on a listing. Meerkey has a direct message feature that help you to keep all your housing inquries in one place. You can message a landlord of the posting you like, message a potential roommates that has a cool profile. You can always message us, the Meerkey Team for help or assitance.


Bookmark Listing Pool: See a listing you like? Bookmark it! At Meerkey you don’t need to twist your arm to find roommates that like the same place you like. Simply bookmark the listing and you will see all the roommates seekers who want to move into the same dream place of yours.

All you need to do is create your profiles! Tell people who you are and what you’re looking for! You can let it manifests itself and wait for someone to message you. Or be proactive and message users that YOU think would make an awesome roommate for you. 

Get started now!

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